Porhai Eung

Porhai Eung is a Network Engineer and ICT security who enjoys both learning and sharing his knowledge with others. With over 7 years of experience in Internet Service Provider (ISP), Banking, Payment and Education industry, Porhai Eung has added many achievements to his name both national and international.

SalaCyber Practical Penetration Testing

SalaCyber Practice Penetration Testing course provides offensive approach to perform security test on target boundary and to give students ability to attack the system infrastructures by acquiring hand-on skill on real-world cyber-security

Duration: 50 Hours

Location: Online


Knowledge of TCP/IP network and basic Linux skill are needed. Students are also recommended to be familiar with programming language.


1. Introduction

1.1 Penetration Testing Overview

1.2. Course Objective

1.3. Building LAB Environment


2. Survival Skills

2.1. Linux Fundamental

2.2. Python Language Fundamental

2.3. Cryptography Fundamental

2.4. Operating System Fundamental 

2.5. Assembly Language Fundamental


3. Information Gathering

3.1. Passive Information Gathering

3.2. Active Information Gathering

3.3. Vulnerabilities Scanning


4. Exploitation

4.1. Finding Public Exploit

4.2. Exploiting the Target

4.3. Exploit File Transferring

4.4. Privilege Escalation


5. Metasploit Framework

5.1. Metasploit Basic

5.2. Information Gathering

5.3. Exploitation


6. Buffer Overflow

6.1. Discovering Vulnerablity 

6.2. Overwriting EIP 

6.3. Locating Shellcode Space

6.4. Finding Bad Characters 

6.5. Creating Shellcode

6.6. Exploiting the Target 


7. Active Directory Testing 

7.1. Overview

7.2. Active Directory Theory 

7.3 Active Directory Enumeration

7.4 Privilege Escalation 


8. Web Application Security

8.1. Overview

8.2. Burp Suite

8.3. File Inclusion

8.4. Cross-site Scripting

8.5. Cross-site Request Forgery

8.6. Server Side Reuest Forgery

8.7. Insecure Direct Object Reference

8.8. SQL Injection

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