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SalaCyber Network Engineer Essential

The course is built specially for students who want to get started in Networking Career. Both Cisco and Huawei networking are included in course content to let students understand the differences. Moreover, students will be also to understand core concept between ISP network and enterprise bank network.

Duration: 40 Hours

Location: Online



1 Introduction:

2.1 Networking Role and Responsiblity

  2.2 Network Engineer vs Network Admin

  2.3 Network Components and Topology

  2.4 ISP Network vs Banking Network

  2.5 Networks Reliable

  2.6 Network Security

3 Cisco and Huawei Access Network

  3.1 LAN

  3.2 VLAN and Trunking

  3.3 Inter-VLAN Routing

  3.4 Spanning-Tree

  3.5 Wireless (WLAN)

  3.6 EhterChannel

  3.7 ISP/Bank Access Network

4 Cisco and Huawei Layer 3 Network:

  4.1 Introduction

  4.2 IPv4 Subneting

  4.3 IPv6 Subneting

  4.4 Routing Concepts

  4.5 IP Static Routing

  4.6 OSPF Routing Protocol

  4.7 BGP Routing Protocol

  4.8 Gateway Redundancy

  4.9 Building Bank Layer 3 Network

5 IP Services:

  5.1 DHCPv4

  5.2 DHCPv6

  5.3 SNMP

  5.4 NAT

6 Security Fundamentals:

  6.1 Access Control List (ACL)

  6.2 Implement Security for Bank Network

  6.2 Introduction to VPN for Bank

7 Network Management:

  7.1 CDP

  7.2 LLDP

  7.3 Telnet / SSH

  7.4 NTP

  7.5 Syslog


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