SalaCyber Network and Cybersecurity Foundation

The course will provide the operational functions of Operating System, Networking and Cybersecurity such as Linux Operating System, Internet technologies, Cybersecurity threat and risk with basic principles

Duration: 35 Hours

Location: Online


Basic Computer Usage


Module 1: Operating System

  • Introduction to Operating Systems
  • Navigating the System
  • Users and Permissions
  • Package and Software Management
  • Filesystems
  • Common Applications and Services
  • Basic Commands


Module 2: Packet Tracer

  • Introduction to Packet Tracer
  • Packet Tracer User Interface
  • Packet Tracer Simulation Mode
  • Packet Tracer Physical View, and File Assessment Types


Module 2: Networking Concepts

  • Communications in a Connected World
  • Online Connections
  • Explore Networks with Packet Tracer
  • Build A Simple Network
  • Communication Principles
  • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  • Application Layer Services
  • Build a Home Network


 Module 4: Cybersecurity

  • The Need for Cybersecurity
  • Attacks, Concepts and Techniques
  • Protecting Your Data and Privacy
  • Protecting the Organization
  • Will Your Future Be in Cybersecurity?

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