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Provide Upon Request

SalaCyber Mobile Penetration Testing

The course will focus on the tools, techniques and cover most common vulnerablity for iOS/Android Mobile applications. The course will start from basic iOS and Android architectures and expose the vulnerablities in-deptas well as covering mbile OSs security mechanisms and implementation.

Duration: 35 Hours

Schedule: Weekend Morning (onsite)

Location: Online


Mobile technologies knowledge and basic penetration testing skill are required


Part 1: Android Penetration Testing

  • Android Architectures
  • Setting up a Testing Environment
  • Android Build Process
  • Reversing APKs
  • Device Rooting
  • Android Application Fundamentals
  • Network Traffic
  • Device and Data Security
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Dynamic Code Analysis

Part 2: iOS Penetration Testing

  • iOS Introduction and Architecture
  • Device Jailbreaking
  • Setting up a Testing Environment
  • Reversing iOS Apps
  • Application Fundamentals
  • Testing Fundamentals
  • Network Traffic
  • StaticAnalysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Using xCode

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