SalaCyber Information System Audit

The course will provide attendees the opportunity to perform an audit of IT applications supporting key business processes, coordinate the assessment of IT risk with the evaluation of IT general controls, and perform a risk assessment and evaluation of controls over end user computer applications.

Duration: 45 Hours

Schedule: Weekend Afternoon (14:00 - 17:00)

Location: Online


Good with English both writing and speaking, Basic knowledge of operating system, Familiar with IT Security



1. Overview of IT Audit

  • What is IT Audit
  • Why do we need IT Audit
  • Benefit of becoming IT Auditor
  • Course Objective
  • Required skills becoming IT Auditor
  • Essential Certificate for IT Audit
  • Recommendation for startup with IT Auditor
  • Code of Ethics and Non-Disclosure Agreement

2. Survival Key Terms

3. Flow of IT Audit

  • ITGC Audit Planning and
  • Preparation
  • ITGC Audit Fieldwork Execution and Review
  • IT Audit Reporting

4. Information Technology General Controls (ITGCs)

  • What and Why ITGCs
  • Risks arising from IT
  • Key Stages of an ITGC Review
  • ITGCs - Access to Program and Data
  • ITGCs – Computer Operation
  • ITGCs – Program Change
  • ITGCs – Program Development

5. IT Audit Working Paper

  • Design Working Paper
  • Control Design Inquiry
  • Inspect Control Design Sample
  • Control Design Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Control Design Testing
  • Total Population and Sample Size Selection
  • Sample Evaluation
  • Operating Effectiveness Testing Evaluation
  • Impact Assessment
  • Compensate & Mitigate Control


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