SalaCyber DevOps Essential (SDOE)

SalaCyber DevOps Essential (SDOE) will teach students all the fundamental knowledge from docker and webserver configuration to Jenkin and Configuration management with Ansible to build hands-on project continues deployments.

Duration: 45 Hours

Location: Online


Fundamental of application development and Linux basic usage


  1. Introductions DevOps

    1. What is DevOps?
    2. Why DevOps?
    3. Skill Required for DevOps
    4. DevOps Careers
    5. DevOps Tools

  2. Extra Basic Session

    1. Linux Basic Command
    2. Git Basic Command
    3. How to use DigitalOcean
    4. Networking Basic
    5. Understanding about CICD

  3. Containerize application with Docker, Docker Compose

    1. Introduction & Installation
    2. Important Docker Concepts - Registry, Repository, Tag, Image and Container
    3. Playing with Docker Images - NodeJS and Python
    4. Playing with Docker - Detached Mode and Logs
    5. Playing with Docker Images and Containers
    6. Understanding Docker Architecture - Docker Client, Docker Engine
    7. Understanding creation of Docker Images in Depth
    8. Build Docker Image with Python, NodeJS, NuxtJS/VueJS
    9. Push Python, NodeJS, NuxtJS/VueJS to Docker Hub Registry
    10. Understanding Docker Compose
    11. Docker Compose run multiple services.

  4. Application Hosting with Nginx, Apache, Kong API Gateway, Swag , SSL Encryption

    1. Understanding Nginx Configuration in Depth
    2. Understanding Apache Configuration in Depth
    3. Understanding Kong API Gateway in Depth
    4. Understanding Swag n Depth
    5. Secure Web Server with SSL Encryption Using Let's Encrypt
    6. LoadBalancer Configuration

  5. Automation & CICD with Jenkins

    1. Getting Started with Jenkins
    2. Introduction and Setup Jenkins
    3. Initializing Jenkins Plugins and Creating Gitlab Repo
    4. Setting Up Docker in Jenkins and first pipeline run
    5. Understanding about Manage Jenkins Menu
    6. Jenkins Node or Agents
    7. Understanding about Free Style Project
    8. First Job with Free Style Project
    9. Understanding Jenkins Pipeline
    10. First pipeline with Jenkins Pipeline
    11. Pipeline As code with Jenkins
    12. Integrate Alert with Telegram

  6. Implement CICD with real projects using Docker, Nginx, Jenkins
  7. Configuration Management with Ansible

    1. Getting Started with Ansible
    2. Setting Ansible Project with cfg and ansible hosts
    3. Understanding about Ansible Host Var, Ansible Group Var, Ansible Inventory
    4. Playing with Ansible Variables
    5. Understanding about Ansible Modules
    6. Understanding about Ansible Role
    7. Understanding Conditionals and Loops with Ansible
    8. Setup Nginx using Ansible
    9. Create DigitalOcean Droplet with Ansible

  8. Implement CICD with real projects using Docker, Nginx, Jenkins and Ansible
  9. Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

    1. Getting Started with Docker, Kubernetes and DigitalOcean Kubernetes
    2. Creating DigitalOcean Account
    3. Creating Kubernetes Cluster with DigitalOcean Kubernetes
    4. Understanding about Kubectl
    5. Deploy our first python Application to Kubernetes Cluster
    6. Quick Look at Kubernetes Concepts - Pods, Replica Sets and Deployment
    7. Understanding Pods in Kubernetes
    8. Understanding ReplicaSets in Kubernetes
    9. Understanding Deployment in Kubernetes
    10. Understanding Services in Kubernetes
    11. Understanding Kubernetes Architecture - Master Node and Nodes
    12. Understanding Kubernetes YAML Configuration
    13. Configure Multiple Kubernetes Deployments with One Service
    14. Understand Environment Variables in Kubernetes
    15. Understanding Ingress in Kubernetes

  10. Implement CICD with real projects using Docker, Nginx, Jenkins , Ansible and Kubernetes

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