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SalaCyber Cybersecurity Analyst and Operation

SCAO is the primary step to a kick start point of Cybersecurity operations center (SOC). It is designed for current and aspiring Tier I and Tier II Cybersecurity analysts to achieve skillful in performing entry-level and intermediate-level Security Analyst.

Duration: 50 Hours

Schedule: Weekend Morning (09:00 - 12:00)

Location: Online


Understand of cyber security, OS basic for windows, Linux, and Network


1.Security Operations and Management

▪ Security Management

▪ Security Operations Center (SOC)

▪ SOC Capabilities

▪ SOC Operations

▪ SOC Workflow

▪ SOC Components

▪ SOC Models

2. Cyber Threat, IoCs, and Attack Methodology

▪ Cyber Threats

▪ Motivation and Goal

▪ TTPs (Tactics-Techniques-Procedures)

▪ Vulnerability

▪ Type of Attacks

▪ Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)

▪ Understanding Attacker Methodology

3. Security Information and Event Management

▪ Security Information and Event Management

▪ Security Analytics

▪ SIEM Features & Function

▪ SIEM Process & Architecture

▪ Type of SIEM Solution

▪ SIEM Deployment & Challenges

▪ Incident Detection with SIEM

4. Cyber Threat Intelligence

▪ Understanding Cyber Threat Intelligence

5. Security Incident Detection/Monitoring

▪ Incident Detection

▪ Detection Signature-Based

▪ Detection Anomaly-Based

▪ Security Monitoring Use Cases by Data source

6: Cyber Incident Response & Handling

▪ Incident Response

▪ Incident Response Process

▪ Threat Classification

▪ Incident Severity and Prioritization

▪ Responding to Incidents


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